“Darmil” the Village Accommodation

         The village accommodation “Darmil” is located in the central part of Derventa municipality, in the village Velika Sočanica. “Darmil” is situated in Derventa hill ridge, not far away from the local road Derventa-Osinja. It is 15 kilometers far from Derventa town’s area.

        The accommodation consists of one story family house providing 13 beds. On the first floor of the house there are two triple rooms and a double room, bathroom and a storage room, while on the ground floor there are one double room and a triple room, as well as the dining room and a bathroom.

        The accommodation is built in the yard of 500 m2, while nearby there are some additional objects, as well as and an orchard. Not far away from “Darmil” accommodation, there is the Orthodox church of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Velika Sočanica, as well as Ambarine and an old aqueduct in Gornja Lupljanica. The owner of the accommodation facility is Boro Blagojević.


Contact Details:

“Darmil” the Village Accomodation

Velika Sočanica bb, 74400 Derventa

00 387 (0)65 629 885