“The Yellow Bridge” river beach

    “The Yellow Bridge” river beach is located on the Ukrina River, in Donji Detlak Village, Derventa Municipality, and in Palačkovci Village in Prnjavor municipality. It is located besides Derventa- Prnjavor trunk road and “The Yellow Bridge” on the Ukrina River. The beach is 15 kilometers far from Derventa town’s center.

       On Derventa’s side, the Ukrina River has formed a river beach, while not far away from it there are two smaller restaurants which are opened during the summer.

On Prnjavor’s side there is no beach, but there is an excursion site with a restaurant and a few wooden sun shields (LADARA) and barbeque spots. The majority of visitors from Derventa and Prnjavor villages besides the Ukrina River, visit the beach during the summer because of recreation, relaxation and fun.

On the river beach a smaller number of cultural and sports events is organized; while in the period from 2013 to 2015 the river beach hosted the International Poet’s Meetings “Prljača”.