"Air Soft club"Derventa

“Air Soft club” Derventa is the association of sports and recreational character, the main purpose of which is simulation of army and police sceneries. The participants own gun replicas, with the shape and dimensions resembling the originals. The club’s members are mostly the nature, travelling and meeting new people lovers, gun lovers, but before everything adults which cannot have a felony charges, nor have any conflict with the law what so ever. Simulations of the armed conflicts is conducted on the former “Mesar” company complex in Derventa and on the slopes of the Motajica Mountain. Every year, with the presence of the participants from the country and region, a huge simulation of armed conflicts lasting for a few days is organized.

The society has been formed in 2009 and it is one of the first clubs in Republic of Srpska and Bosna and Herzegovina. The club members are active even during the emergency situations- floods and other disasters and they are willing to help the inhabitants of Derventa.



Contact details:

“Airsoft klub” Derventa

Alekse Šantića bb, Derventa 74400

00 387 (0)65 610 817