“Nedić” the Village Accomodation

The Village Accomodation “Nedić” is located in the north-west part of Derventa municipality, in the village Trstenci. “Nedić” is situated in the foot of the Motajica Mountain, not far away from the Sava River and Derventa- Srbac trunk road. It is located 15 kilometers from Derventa town’s area.

The accommodation consists of the two-story family house providing three rooms with total 8 beds, as well as bathrooms and a living room. In the additional facility of the house there are dining room, living room and a billiard saloon.

               Within this village household there are a small pig farm, vegetable garden, an orchard, fields and forest. When arranging with the owner, it is possible to prepare traditional food of the area, as well as the other specialties.

               Nearby the house, on the 13 dunams of the land, spreads the Bugarije excursion site. It is located around the Crna Rijeka brook where there is also a water mill. At the excursion site there are a smaller wooden sunshield (ladara) and benches for resting, as well as the fish pond in which it is possible to catch a few species of fish.

 In the immediate surroundings of “Nedić” accommodation there are the forests of the Motajica Mountain, fishing trails and a fishing house on the nearby Sava River, while not far from Trstenci there is Osovica Monastery. The owner of the accommodation is Zdravko Nedić.


Contact details:

“Nedić” the village accommodation

Trstenci bb, 74 400 Derventa

00 387 (0)53 320 155; 00 387 (0)65 662 915