Ukrina Ebony

The ebony is a fossil wood of pedunculate oak (lat. Quercus robur) which had been developing for thousands of years in the river silt, without the presence of the air, and which, by changing its characteristics throughout the time, became more solid, harder, more resistant, more permanent and heavier.

                The ebony can be found in the middle and lower flow of the river Ukrina, often they decorate the river banks and river beds. Ukrina ebony trees are not as big and old as those which can be found in the Sava and the Bosna River, but still they are of significant natural value and should be preserved from destruction. The ebony is a significant touristic resource of the municipality, and should be presented in its original shape on the Ukrina River, as well as in Derventa city area thorough various sculptures.

 “Tourist Organization of Derventa Municipality” currently works on the protection and advancement of this extremely valuable wood through the production of souvenirs and sculptures. The ebony sculptures are set in front of The Basic Court in Derventa and “Komunalac” company.