A Girl's Tomb

            A Girl's Tomb is a place where, according to a legend, a girl was buried, and which was massively visited by people believing that they would be cured from headache. It is located in Pjevalovac village, in the forest along the Pjevalovac-Kuljenovac- Derventa road, on the estate of Sirovina family.

            There are a few legends about the origin of this place. According to the first one, Turks were trying to rape a girl, but she successfully defended herself, which led them to behead her. She was buried on the spot where she had been killed. Latter, according to the legend, “the girl's head spoke“ stating that all those suffering from headache should visit her grave on the first Sunday after the full moon, and the pain will disappear.

            Before the war 1992-1995 a woman from Koraće claimed that while suffering from headache she visited the grave after which she healed, therefore she planted spruce which has existed till nowadays, and made a fence around the tomb. Until 1992, the catholic inhabitants used to visit this place in huge numbers, while presently visitors are very rare. 

According to the other legend, after the Turks tried to rape her, the girl was torn by horses.