“Babino Brdo” Motel

                “Babino Brdo” Motel is located on the eastern slopes of the Motajica Mountain, at the so called Babino Brdo mount, providing a view of Derventa town and its surroundings. It is 3.3 kilometers far from the town’s square. Besides the Motel there is an authentic Derventa old house with two “kijer” (wooden huts), a smaller forest park and a meadow, as well as a parking lot and an area for sport and recreation.

               The object consist of four rooms with 14 beds. The family room with a balcony has got seven beds, while there are also a triple room, standard double room with a double bed and a balcony, as well as a double room with separated beds. All the rooms are equipped with bathroom, TV and Internet access, while some of the rooms also have a sitting area.

               The Motel also provides a Red TV Hall suitable for presentations and seminars with the capacity of 60 seats, an 80 seats restaurant hall with a fireplace, a small tavern providing 20 seats, a four level summer garden offering 150 seats, an old log with a fireplace (rotisseries) and an area for pets. The parking lot, Internet access and the area for pets are free of charge.

               The restaurant offers traditional and International food and drinks, while the atmosphere is fulfilled by Tamburaši who perform during the weekends in evening hours.

The Motel has got decades long tradition, while since the end of 2016 it is within the “Braća Đukić” Company from Derventa.


Contact details:

“Babino Brdo” Motel

Svetog Save bb, 74 400 Derventa